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Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers
Arlington, Washington
September 24, 1924     Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers
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September 24, 1924

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n I ii ii i i The Educational policy of our Bank  includes the vteolflzlgof: the Banking habit :to :rfffildren. This is not to make them "close" and "stingy" but ,to help them ACCUMULATE MONEY, for .the:+future,. to learn the value of money,&lt;and:to, ge acquainted ,with la banking business. We shah be gla4,toweleomethe+aoc0unts of your children. $1.00 will startan:account. Citizens State Your HOME Bank. DIRECTORS: E MARTIN ADAMS N. P PETERSON H. W:SESSOMS GEO. L. :BRUMBY L. C. PALMER J.A. GRAY A MYST VED Dan Hunter and Bill Hay smashing freightin a ear-- Hark t A baby c4ng. Some unnatural+ mother has abandoned her ch-e-ild. But it was only a shipment Of MAMMA DOLLS for ..... MANSFIELD THE DRUGGIST .. NOTICETO CDiT01: ' claims no so presend and filed- ,THE,BUPERIOR 'COURT OF within'said time will be forever the Stae of Washington,: in and For the County of Snohomish, In the :Matter .of the  Estate.:of Margaretha Fick, Deceased:: Notice is hereby given that.-.t ,Hannes Fick, have been by the above  entitled court, up'pointed: administrator and have qualified as such administrator of the Estate of Margaretha Fick, de- :ceased," and "that creditors and all persons-havin, g claims against said deceased or her estate must make and execute a duly- verified voucher of such claim or cfims and serve a copy thereof upono E T. Bascom, the attorney of record for me, at 113 West Main Street, in the Town of Monroe, Snoho- mish County, Washington, and file the original of such claim with the Clerk of said Court, to = gather with the proof of such set- .vice within six months after the date of the first pu.blication of this, notice, to-wit: withiw:-.ix: months after the 25th day of Sep- tember, A. D. 1924, and-that aH barred .;_ HANNES FICK, Building,ll3 W, est Main Street, Monroei Wash. Ist Pub,, Sept; 25, 1924. Last Pub., Octt 9, 1924 '+=' BEN'EFIT SATURDAY The benefit dance to be" held at the :Pioneer pavition::Saturday evening, u,nder auspices of the :Odd+,FeHows'.. Lodge ian assur- .ed.-suceess,,as there-'has been a large  advance sale of"tickets+ 60 cents each, this including:l freshments. The:proceeds, are to go to .the widow of the late Mr..Van O'DelI .of Sunnysidez .who is left with a family, o seen children lender. means. >; .......... Blonde Bess Opines .,' D. :-:  Contraryto Mr WebsterI maintain it is?-,*he gasoline,73/ ; the fat wife i.: the rear: seat,. ; makew the_cargo." , ...........  r: , When you say "UOaf, of bread,-please," pect to get a loaf of bread that is everything i=hsuld be. Purity Bread is everything T}ae finest ingredients are used, and the very *best care taken in baking. It comes out of our ovens crisp, golden brown, and will tempt the appetite of ev.eymem'ber .of he family. Small,and large loaves--Fresh: Pies, cakes and pastries, too. + ?'7; PubHshed Every Thursday i REPLIES TO TIMES EDITORIAL Th b t d d By THE ARLINGTON PTG. CO. e eS rSS m,r]. Entered at the postoffice at Arl- +" ington, Washington, for trans- Endavors to Answer Question ed, and provisions made,to reach Ol11. he aIllpus " .,._ ,.  mission through the mails as "How are You ,^-__ +^ ,_+ ozner Iorms o weatn nan our second class matter The Money?" if 40 Mill Men noses ann iarms.  are the tcllow sure is Enacted.--Claims+ Much To cite you another exam'ple: . C. L. MARSH, Editor of Our 'Wealth is- at Present the representative of the Public  who th;nk not J.-C. CARPENTER, Business Mgr. Tax Free. Utilities of the State of Washing-  only about - : Consolidated With the Arlington ton walks into the State Commis- s;'.'*e,' but'out comfort and--- '*'k( [ [ Chronicle (VOL. IV., No. The Times recently published sioner's office at Olympia, pull. t.calth They ".,esr Arch Pe- : ' 18) April 3, 1915 an editorial discussing Initiative a paper out of his pocket and lays +erver Bhoe,, been'ave these Measure. No. 50; the 40-mill Tax it upon the desk, and informs him COUNTY CAMP FIRE Limit bill. In tiffs the large de|i- that here is the valuation of the shoe aresmertinppearance, cit in public revenues under the property of those utilities. The ' and sapport the feet M Nature GUARLIANS MEET HERE propose&measure was pointed out figure -is $40,000,000. It is then intended. Comeand e. . and the question raised as to the cut in two and assessed at $20,- The Snohomish County Camp- sources from which the deficit 000,000. TH ;Fire Guardians meet Saturday might be made up. The same represe:qtative then RCH PRER R afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. The accompanying article is in walks across the halt to the State B. Reid. The important business reply to our comment and pre-Public Service Commission. He :i-SHOE of the-afternoon was the proposal sents iI* quite forceful form the takes.out another document whic, h of a Guardians Training Course arguments Of the proponents of he declares to represent the value for the Guardians of the county, the bill: As a full discussion of of the public utilities of Wash- /,--+,(-, Mrs. O. E. Thompson of SLanwood the measures to be voted u.pon in ington. This document shows tha PETERS U who taught this course in the November is desirable, we are they are worth $,220,000,000. College of Puget Sound during glad to publish the reply in full. Here we are--upon $20,000,000 the summer term offered her ser- Argument for Initiative No. 50 they pay Washington in the form vices +as teacher. Miss Betty (By W. .AMBERS, o, 00axe00; +o,,00,0.o00.000 Wash- CLOTHES SHOP Owens of Marysville gave a les- son in wood-blocking. Mrs. Reed Publicity+ Director 40-Mill Tffx ington pays them in the f6rm of served refreshments at the close Limit Committee) rates. If their property is worth Paterson & Chatten of the meeting. Seattle, Wash Sept. :22,+1924, $220,000,000 for rate making, it , + " ,'111 11 llllllllllll Illli1,111Iilllllll 1 lltll Monday evening Mrs. Reid met Editor The Arlington Times, Arl: is worth just as much for tax mak-   t tt t ttth t t i, l, i t :f' t 7t tit, t t, t, t t t t i ' t t t t, tttttt t t t t . with a group of Camp-Fire girls ington Wash. Dear Sir: In an "ed- ing. This is a few million of our at the home of Mrs. Chatten and itorial ;appearing in your pa'per property that we want to bring, on  ',,',,- ..... + , ....  examined them for the "Fire: September llth, you discussed the our tax rolls. ARCHIE MdNTOH .makers" rank. The girls demon- 40-Mill Tax Limit measure and The poor man pays taxes on his =-- - strated firsLlaid, baadagfing, etc. make claims of deficit in case of flivver, but the railroad doesn't Those who took the test were its pus,sage. You ask the question: pay a cent on the $75,000 locomo- finches;thing, Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Brazing Olive and El;co Chatten, Louise How 'e+you going to get the ,tire. I pay taxes on my modest home, but if I owned the $7,000,- :and Spring Work Dunn, Louise Murdock, Wilds and money ?:Please permit me to arts- 000 H. F. Alexander steamship, I Ellen +Hi ckman, Geraldine Warren wer th:questin" wouldn't have to pay any taxes on L gging nd Mill Blacksmithing and Carolyn Holing. Real and .personal property, ac- it. The poor man pays taxes on : 0 a cording%0'Federal statistics, co.m- his householf furniture, but the AUCTION SALE SUCCESS prise on,fourth the wealth of the elaborate furnishings of the H. F. ]] PRICES REASONABLE -- FIRST CLASS WORKMANSHIP state of Washington. This prop- Alexander are subject to no taxa- || Rear Arlington State Bank. Phone 6 2 1 The auction sale conducted last erty pays all he direct taxes paid tion. $150,000,000 of these steam- Saturday by Gilbert Anderson at  + +,  ',I , , ,, ' ," ,,,, he Benson (Estabrook) place, in the Stite of Washington. ships escape taxation, in the State Three-fourths of the wealth of of Washington every year, and i Trafton, was quite successful, Washington pays no taxes. there being a good crowd present is the only state that exempts and brisk bidding. All property of- Agail, of this real and ,person- them. I could take up half -of feted was sold, including nine al property within the state of your paper telling similar in- cows which went at from $88 to Washington we have a lfst+of stances, but this is enough. $90 each. over $'400,000,000 worth that Back to your question again. escapes taxation. When tre put surch wealth as this The VerdCedar :Co Several bids were received on Now to your question: How are upon our tax rolls, 40 mills will : the'lJ-acre farm, the highest be- you going to get the money? carry it without any other distri- + @ ing in the neighborhood of $1,- If'our taxes re distributed but;on. But in case it should not, 500. These were taken under ad- over all the+wealth of the State of we have an unlimited field of visement. Washington, as is being done in taxation here in the state of MANUFACTURERS other states of the Union,. our .tax Washington that is -now exempt THE LUTHERAN CHURCH rate cabe reduced to 30 mills from taxation. Sunday, Sept. 28. and we+still have more money to Every effort has been exerted [umbr One (olrrlrnon ]Latlmber |nto Arlington---Sunday school and run the :: Government and + our to obtain relief in the Legislature, Arly PattersYou May Want confirmation class at 10 a. m.;" t sctoolsthan we have at the pres- but domination bv certain influ- s,ervices in the Nmrwegian lan- Ient. t4m:... Doesn't^ that .answer ences makes t" mpo'" ssible._Now gage at 11 a m, Young Pep your questmn' " .... "1 + we folks have taken th';s thing in 2X4", 2X6, 2X8, lxlO and 2x12 $4S or Rough ple's meeting ,at 8 p. m.; choirt Initialtive 50, which provides uur own hands and we are tellin " tO tx lm ......... practice Tuesday, the 30th. i for a ,,,-mill a i "t, did. not the 'Legislature that all the tax Shiplap, Drop-Siding, Sheeting, Flooring, Boards and BryantSundaY school fes'ti-/!nclude:! n that measure, the .de- theycan place upon our real'md Planks all widths and lengths. Timbers all sizes up to 50 val Sunday, the 28th, at 1 p.m. ais: o:(distrDumn: ftrst, be-Ipersonal property is 40 mills, ind feet in length; Fencing and Ditching Lumber; Cedar . Lakewood--Th/ confirmation cause the'measure would then be they will have to,go elsewhere to Fence-Posts. ..... ..... , /+such a: 01ummous volume that t ,,et th re of i y;d#/.pn,, ,;+, _, o"+':a" ]',pra'cttca; second,-be-] Now, Mr Edltor, just be#0tlr  ............. ............... + '" .......................... :Saturday, the 27th ' +I cause!it; s the purpose.of the+l.bottor n doHarthey II 'go elseWllere +i" 3 ..... " .... 7". ;backers' of +hs+++roposltton :itOland+there's notrouble about i. ..... Phone +2 l-P3 or 232 lvana me girls oelegy i -- first ;demand. ,of the'Legislature " Very truly yours, meets at .the home of Mrs. Rygg the repeal:of he/exemption laws W.E. CHAMBERS. Saturday, Oct. 4th, 2 p.m. that 'enabled this'firt' $400,000,- Publicity Special Notice--The three :La- 000 tO. be  exempt from taxation, . diesAids will vigit the Children's and the taking .of steps to ,place .... , ,r ,, , i, , , , , ,,, , Home at Everett Saturday, Sept. this personal and real property 27th, leaving a,bout 11 a.m. upon the tax roll: After this has 1 We extend a cordial invitation been done. then the question of/ tO attend our services. , ' how muchdeficit it will be neces- ] C,00iH+i E00+V K 0 L E T H. B. WOGTER, Pastor. '', r+ saryto., raise can easily be answer-[ : ' he:Sank Marsh 6 " + Inch by-inchthe fateful-;b6ff ofthe Limber- lost,was sucking him down Whilt" his Wife--like a +, mad thing--was Clawing at the bank in a futile :, :.. effort'to hold back thednevitablel-It,:was,not un- :b , til years afterwards,that :shextearned iiltat Fate i+ .had taken, a hand,to save 'herfroma greater un- + - + happiness and in; the meantime; liat6"and bitter- .,: -- 'hess filled her heart---a hate andbittentess that s; nearly wrecked the life.: ofhedaughter! / +-- Here is a situation,jamepaeked WRh-tremend-,-+: , :Due drama, a situation, that is far, reaching in its = " results+ a situation that will stand you on your + -+R:?l'h4.... .iL+... ....... toes with+ the tenseness of its realism--and it is +:+ ++ only one of many .big-situation:in this. vividly d Ne''-W IVL (1 L  XOlelS human story of>real + people, lae +uxe 00Tt;IE Ig :i .,, + ..... +++ ,There are now on.,exhibitton in ourshow room the +'new De Luxe models. 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IPRICBS OF DE LUXE MODELS Superior Roadster . $495 : - De Luxe Touring . ,,,+ $640Y.:.; upetior Touring , ",-- 510 Superior Utility Coupe,. 640 De +Lu_xe Coupe " " 775;'+ SuimH0t;4'PalsengercOupe 725  DILuxe Sedan . . . 940,.,: Superior Sedan . . 95 Prlii f,e.b. |nt= MLicltlgall AMER+ + i: ++ + ++. mm ______ E i:! ,+ o,::o..+o,..:+:o,+,+,,,o: _ +++NEATLY<, :+- ,,,,++,o., we, +,o:0 ++ Sunday & Manday  ". bliamemkalTmtumt Sept.:28,29 ] Illl I I I ] II I I