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Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers
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August 27, 1959     Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers
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August 27, 1959

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PAGE EIGHT THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS AUG. 27, 1959. Football Turnouts BRYANT GRANDVIEW iKnwams To Sponsor . Q[ I klP~LL " I By To Begm Sept. 1 Ver]a Bailey, Ph. OL9-2788 Evelyn Fullerton - Phone 2511 IUGN K,ckoff Se t 20 mm mm mm I P BILL QUAKE Ait.ou h school doest, United Good Nei hbo .me until Sept. 8 the football season iantly "surprised last Wednesday community will turn out in num-ibere again. As a civic enterprise I,v, L for most high school teams will when her friend, Mrs Josephine r)ers to attend the Family Night lthe Kiwanians will start the ' ' Donker and daughter Ruth of Salmon barbec~m at Bethel! ham l ebel lakes L be n Tuesday Sept. 1 the of-~ ' ~ Cha"el this Frida-- ni--ht Au--,kickoff canvass Sept 20. i " ' e' I-IIIISDOFO uregon, came [o spena ~ y ~,g. ]~,~^ D,I.~ ]~,~ T*I.|~ [[ic~al ooenmg date s t by state the day with her. Also visiting 28 at 7:30 p. m. A fine program ! At the noon meetmg Tuesday, 'T| LJ IUC EIUCU ~d,l, Llt|C I V~C;a~;h" Larr Munizza Ar]in I at the Girven home the same day~ is being presented by the young:President Charles Peterson ap- I|| I Fifteen year old Sam Nebel :Y ' ~g" was Mrs. Girven s sister, Mrs. married folk's class of the Mr: Ipointed Judge Wilbur Stout as I tOll ~ Ill.lily ~UCCt2b~IUl lll~ltLO[ RohPrt ]-)nnker ~nd child en L;ol vernon vlission ~onvenam i not only paced his Arlington will issue enuinment on Mond}iv' 7" 77 ~--J r2 " ~ ~. ,~t. /chairman of the drive to cover . L -~ r ~' i leen ano uenny ol r~vereu. ~.m~= x, Luac wlLu nav~ c,juy-n Sam Nebel, fifteen year old m- bel batted 29 runs to lead m that/Merchants to the Snohommh i August 31, and begin turnouts 1 i'h' ed the beautiful baritone solos of i the entire Arlington business fielder-pitcher and Skip Ander- department. Jimmy Caesar top- Count, Babe Ruth Lea~,ue the following day. Arlington's] r~mpn ~osworm, along,w t IMT- T4 T~nnd,~r u,Hi he rqo~ Irti~e~ioe ~" " " ' " [ e ster on ~"" -' son, a fourteen year old short- :! ped the club m walks w~th 23 ~ championship the past season,;~el []rstt. game18, wm De a . o [ ~* ~ ~,~,~ ~ao~o* .~unda,~,evenin~[~, ed to know that. he will be on. the Vice-president Don Haven ~ave stop, paced the champmnsh~p: while York paced the team m! but hm .471 mark topped all! P (alter an extended vaeatmn w~thl~r gram again Frxday. mght. I an ]nterestm~ report on hm re- winning Arlington Merchants stolen oases wtth 22 thefts. orKI other averages in the ten clubi At. me .m.oment~ ~vmmzza ~S(relatives in South Dakota. He,~.ememDer [oaress warmzy as me ~,~ +.~,~ ~,o,~,~ c~ ,^~.~, ,~.~ ,~ i also led the nine with Iour saeri-iloop. The title was the second nommg iorm at bpoKane wnerei visited his brother at Lake Nor- runner wm De servefl oumoors. I h~-'.'" ".'~ ,v .~,sy.?~, ~. " . n~ pa~t ~cct~u5. i~y~y* x~.u. "'~lfiee hits while Skid Anderson, I fo,- Arlin~,ton in six seasons of lhe is one of the three West All-in a,~i~,r~ nt .~np~r-I In case of rain, the salmon will'aetegate to me t~twan)s mstrmt entire Jeague m n,ttmg w]m .ai Pete Warrick, and "-Wayne Beh.!play but i~ marked the first time !Star coaches in the Annual East-i -w ile'[he u t es-at e t -d I be barbecued under a canopy and ! conven~on ~on savs ~nerewa.s. all mark Anflerson wno W1Lll WI1 be held 1 11 a reeoru attenuance anu many " ^ ;2 2' ~ - ~ ner each had four doubles to that an Arlin ton la er had led J West game which " 1 ~ u,~ i, Cambria Wis-. d'nner w" 1 be served inside the j be back next : ca~ Iulluwed w~thI **,~, ~ ~ Noh,~ n~I g~-~ p y e~ i Saturda, Au~,ust 29 at Sno- a cl church buildin- Let's all make~tmP rtant pro]ects were mseus- t,~,~. ~ ~ ,~,~ I tile clreult in nlIung l-~euel was, J, ~ r consin ~" ' , .391 average. Nebel !ed the l one Merchant was able to pick l official[" at the ,qate sevent':ikane's Memorial Stadium. Ironi-I . " { an effort to be there and to I sed. Next year s meetmg will be ~:eam in times at oat wire seven-I T ~,r w-. . "~ - - - ~ ; ~ call-" this is one "ear when Ar !Mrs. t~ornenus ~yelanoer ox show our interest and anr'recia I neia at vancouver, b.c. ,q, a ,= ~a.=, ~,~- times pleKecl tip tmr(y-mree y " ,-v - ~y trips plateward and hxts w~thl .~ ~, ~. ~,1 ' "- -+- - a-'e~n'* have a ,qa,erT Everett was a droner guest Sun- I ation A ,~reat deal ,~f time and I Don s wife accompamed h~rn " 3tgUlll a,u ,~u~ ,~=-= =,~, ,t nits ann scored [weilty-twu:,~,tu,~ u,~ t t, J S " '~ "" "'" ' " thirty-three. Jerry York led m . " ' " e "n t day at the home oI Mr. and Mr and observed that ~t would be ,v~ d ur,th ')q tnllio~ No four Umes by pitched balls Ne-runs Other statxtsmswere 291representing th m ~ he grxd hi lextra work m entailed m a pro- r " N~- " " " " " ~lite ,r~oyu nu~u, l-ram of this kind A large hun ~t)~ l~ ne was [o ~e a aezegate tml was on oase Dz umes aurmg~runs batted in, three WalKS, sev-q ~ ~ " ~.; + } the season while Gary Bauns-I enteen stolen bases, one double, I There will be a shake-up in the/. Pie oonnson, w~m ms aaugn-I gry crowd w!ll make the corn- I~'~ ~'~ ~="'h i yard struekout 21 times to lead[ three triples, and one hit batter I Arlington coaching ranks this ters Lee ann June madison, mittee most happy. I~,^~,~~~ " I !in that dubious department. Ne-/All in all Nebel was on base 52[season. The twosome of aarryled Sunday afternoon at tne.u~l Mr. and.Mrs. Eugene Taberof/~/~.~.~, ~'~'~'u*" bel struck out the least of the times during the season. Munizza and Ralph Pistorese will ver ~,~ysemer an(/ ~rea ~v~,),erll4vegate, ~wonmna and Mr. ano ~ - ~ :~ I ~-V~-. ~ ~ ~--~-- . ! regulars, five times and picked ~ther to'- hitters were ' be broken uP with the step uP f h mes in bnvana an(l ~ast'b~an" 1 Mrs" Peter Agard f W dden- 1" T'ne nrs~ weanes ay m - ~eP" ~ ll~TIMgl up the least walks three. I'-" v " . [Pistorese into the superintend- wood respectively. Mr, gonnsonl ville visited Monday with their i~rn .er has o een seiec~ea o y '-'- -~'"-"-"~" i Arlington won sixteen games I Player Team Ave'l ent's office Taking his placel brought the Nysethers greetings cousins, Mrs. Gertrude Sill and ]bOO(lWlll maus~rles as me (late n --~ m I-aura ~me seabun a,u u~u~,~nlNebel, Arlington .4711 m ~.h,~ C'-a~-~.j ~ ohlwes erstwhile~fr m relatives living in Noum/Helen. On Wednesday Helen .tlOl I ll~S next eonecmn o~ use our I. g 1 Verhey Mukilteo .460[ [:;~,'~ r~ ~'~'~h coach Last season[Dakota. [drove to Seattle to visit relatives! a mscaras ]n Arllng[on, I"IeK: two. xne ~wercnants .au a tea, j- ,s . ~up requesm are ~o oe pJacea R-/Jq*~'-~;L~;~f [] t f 977 IM~ h .nlv thir [Persson Elks "450~.',hlwes' eleven was undefeated[ Mr and Mrs Caroll Tollefson/and zn the afternoon attended a, v~ ~. . -, r sville 4491 ~"~: ~w~tn ~vlrs. t'aul wangsmo. =~ teen regulars on the squad the!Oxwang Ma y " untrod, and unscored upon in have had as ,their houseguestsl family picnic .honormg Mr; andt The new blue naner Goodwill ~aal~--u |3 * -, u~,**h Coach~Mmchand Lmns 430|romnin,~ throu~,n a six game Mrs xohefsons nmce ann nus-/~vtrs, taper a~ me ugara nome'- "-': " - *"'*" "~" " ' " 2 *- ~, ~, t ',Loags Wlll also oe given IO con- ~A~,I~ ~ I~. IBill Quake will find ten of them Peterson MarYrSVflle "4~lsehedule. Heading the ju.nior{ba.nd, Mr. and Mrs. W~!ham near Wod.denvflle. Helens aunt,tributors for the first time on I t I i ,~ovf ~,*.~on Mi.*sing; v,~-va~ ~'*'f. -" " ~ z hioh nro~ram will be Pete New-, Bucklin of Shelby, Nlomana. i / 11ss l-lat[le l-lill, accompanied +h~o ~.+~ ~-~,~. ,~ +a ~. |~ I I'~?,'*'.'L":~ .:L"~' Z.~=-N;k -'-~-oen lAnderson Armgton "~ux-Io~ who i'Ve returning from West- Thev were here from Friday un- Helen home and visited until ]:~:~,~v,:~:~,~,~:~;,:= ,~,~,~.[~ jWlll O~ Ulell- DIg gun, l.~v:ova, .- -' 367 "" . ~ ~.~ o .~ ,~v u.~ II k~ I ~ J terfielder LaVern Engstrom and I ~tv~al"~ec~. s u~,~, ~ ~Slteo "360[ern Washington after a year of I, til M nday when they left to Sunday aftoernoon5. MriAand:lErs "" " ,bY a well.known televlmon" ' ~ L ~.- ~~ I York who was one of the top I " .an, further, couege attenoance worK- [VlSli omer remtxves m me. a,ya. ~avtno[,u ~,u auu two cm,pre~, ~artist ' i I~aney r~x~b ' uu] in~ f~r hi~ mnster's degree t The Bucklins have spent tne loI bea~ue drove up ior a snort " n !~ i eatcners in me ~eagu~. l --~ 7 "'" c -" summer in Mexico where he visit to take their aunt home. I ---Z-:----~-----7"~ ," !Player ~ ~ H I~BI ~ve. D l=---- [~ ~ ~ h~ ~,mmer school Mr and Mrs Lyle Arnold and ~ wn.J not. pc responsmie zor any Nebel ~uzzaa~ "~'~KII~WMI! LC~ M~;D 1~,~,~ " " ~ oeots recurred, oy anyone . s 64,s g ]ruvallup fair --r andMrs Marvin Turk children attended the Golden " ' ~,omer man myself -- Jonn Br n us our worn, Tr0uole tt.~on 13 4 4 4 308 . . cJ y *,~a " ' ome Wedding Anniversary of Mr. Ar- " York ~ 29 ~ n .aS~: hosted a party at their h,I Patch. ,o o s 0,= Still Have 0penmgs ITo 0hen Sept. 19 Saturday evening honoring Mrs./n ld sparents Mr. and Mr ss. Sam !, 0----------- ~- z,Arnold ol r~oute z on ~unaay excnancje |~ a~ once ~or ~ i{~e :Behner 58 17 15 I~.2fi).l [ :Virginia Marker on her birthday~ i Use Times Classified Ads --- :~?:i 7~u" m~2~2:?:'i::~e~m ;l~ ~: :::::::::::::::::::::::: i ii ;i ~i "ii ~i::hf!~l~;no~ewe~sllI ~ !h~:n:~S~darYd ~h::i~sts'~e:: hs AenPg~iii ~/~e~' S~hP::d~:r5 ~elalt2:e! effective a~nd eeonormcal Y LCaesar 26 X~ a 3 154~ Y ~ ent to enjoy the festive eveni g" " " { ~e rebu]ff ond prompflI install 1" 1 a 0 "0ooieither evening or day leagues, ~~~l ,ere "Lucky" Marker Mrs lw rkers on hand to get the r"dl $1~ ~A~IPl " ~l[~'na 1 O 0 0 "0o0 call the alley any evening or ~ ~!~~! ~ ^ c~,~ ~ohnson June Matt" building in shape before the ~ I[ ~ m~,~ I[ ~1~ U IN the exchange assembly, say,n9 o ' " " lso~ I - ' t' IDllrham ~ ~ O 0 .000 come m and mgn up. TMs a ~ ~,h a ~aa~ t-lramy days come. There s a grea I ~ ~1~ ~ ~lff~l~ II moneyand downhrne. I~arsa,atn ~ 2 0 1 .000!annlies to men's night leagues, l ~~i~ii~~ ? Lee,~ 'J.'.~Y2~"~.='*'~uM:tsldeal to be done before the roofi~ * x n " " ~'- " " the [son and ~e ve [ 1 a 1 ~ ~ ~,~ - ~ ~ ~o i I Every one of our e cha ge Other StatmUcs: [See the starting schedule m ~ 4~ [ xrorott nnd Ar- can be la d. I ~u ~ assembl~eshasbeenrebuiffwffh l~la yet Z,~3bs~wSo!advertisement in this week'si ~{~ /.~rom ~ary~vmc, r~ / Mr. and Mrs. St an Kersey ofi~ IIl~l=~i NeDel . ~ o nngton .o ~ z2,T]mes / Auburn were at Mrs. Grace jenu,ne Ca~erp,llar par~s to s. ~ x2 1 [ * I rs Chester Girven~ ]~ ----V~--r~--~------ . Mattson 0 0 1 3 7, -------------o Par. aD(1 WI . Housers on baturoay, inen on1~ 22 facfor s ec hcahons and as ~ 2 22 22 10 H d famfl hel ed thew grand I Y P ,York I GEMS OF THOUG T I lan Y P . .Sunday Mrs Cliff Paddock and i EQUlPMENT uaran~eed a aTnsf de{ecHve a Anderson 0 0 .~ .2 ~5) LIVING I ] son Davey Berg celebrate hisl family of i~ar,~sville Mr and ?~---~ - ~~--AJM~ ~ Behner '~ z ~.'~ ~.u~u . . ". ' " "7 J ' ~ater0a[s and workmonsh~p. ~.ngstrom" a ~ e 8~1 To hve xs not to learn, but toI Iseeond bxrthday Sunday w~thlMrs" Charles Nelson and family! ~ ~~[~." 0 2 3 3 o ve droner at the home of Davey s You ~av only cosf of .uff;na ~uawick Z:Z:ZZZ::: 0 ~ apply.~Leg u . I I ~~I n n :~ ( " ~ ' ] of Everett and Mr. and Mrs. ] ~~l~l~ r . . r ~ :VanderVate 3.1 1 8-1~1 I ~ /i~ Iparents Mr. and Mrs. r~ gerlLowell Sells and family of Kent t ~ ~r~l | Ine assembly you orlrlQ US InTO ~Warricle U o a Onl that da dawns to which 'Baunsgard 2 1 2 7 211 Y Y ] ~~ :~ Ber Marysville. In additmn to were u t ~ x~ i I exchancjecond,hon :Caesar .2 :ii: 0 0 9 2:]nlwe are awake.--Henry David ~~~ theg~irvens guests included his[ Mr. P: D. Brokaw of Everettl ~~'~ As[: for [~sf of ~he exchange iT rroa : ~ ~ g o~ 0~ Thoreau. I "~ l~randmother Mrs. Florence visited Mrs L. A Wheeler Sun-! | ' Holl~nO ' " Baker of Everett and hm great assembfies we have ,n sfock.:Durham ::::::::::2::::::::::::: 0 0 0 3 41 ?i------ . ~ [ ~ ~ I e Girvin'] day, Aug.16, at the Benson home. I ~- ' Marshlaln 0 0 0 5 5 A man s llIe may stagna[e as[ ~ ~~ I gran(lmomer, mrs. t).v . ' I ~vLr ann Mrs AI t~enson s son, ----------------o . Iliterally as water may stagnate,[ " IMM'ysville Evening callers were and wife from Monrovia Calif ' ~mmv ~ue~u ~r ~^-rrr~r~,~, AW " RUBBER STAMPF iand lust as motion and direction] ~~ t Davey's aunt and uncle, Mr. and] Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Elder and l DUll I~IlUII~ s~e us ~o~ ~l~=~nLL~'M~. n o are the remed for one so ur s obert Ber and children v f r s~eus~o~ ~l~:~e'nLL~W~ Arlington Printi g C Y,P -I IMr .'R g," ison Randy arrived Saturda o ! ~mn~w I~/~&ll~rh ! ~Js~ ~P~::~ ~ ~ - ,hone 493 ,~2set~nd3~teiVLy:t~e ther~umghdY ~~ Ja~eekannddJO2n;anOf S222 Sm~sn: ~IV.k~it~flV~rsY~iekR.Or;ledner, da?~Se DU| DU,U~U P~RTSm, NDSEI~vICE ~ ~ ~WI~ j] ~.~ = 1~~ 1 dav evening dinner guests at the I Benon's other son, and Iamily, I r,n I ! FLOWER |] ~ne sole meamng o~ !lie IS ~0[ ~~~ '.home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd mu.j came on Saturday and stayed un-: usea rqulpmenr DaCKeO serve numamw "IOISIO1 uson anGJ ~N C M~NE~Y C0, " FORALL OCCASIONS,- "-- " (~~~ son were Miss Edith H ,til Sunday night The H'R. El- ~ , a 24 Hours I u ] le Smith both ot beat ~. " " on c n ! ~ - -. .I Miss Sh'r y " . "1 ders are from Seattle. By A Written b0n0 LlIe S grea~ s[ achievement r on ot dun , F~ower Shoppe [liSoutheelfC%notintuha2t .~.n~ak:~g oOuf] ~~ tl:u,IV~rlSasGUS etei~s. Bern.ard faTblees,Bel~s?nasdda~rhter~aapdJD8 14A Series Cat 8A Hyd Do- ~.~ ROYAL HOTEL ANNEX liy h,~, t,~ ~;vo "~vsnYo~tl }Johnson and two sons, PhnnPiMcGuire and daughter Carol and - ~ ~. "~ nnson WhO zer ano ~o ~ ~ear woume~ r~Ip ~ Arlington ~s33,L~o~es ' ' ]~ and Andrew. Mrs. Jon 'Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Graves and " .--~mmm. ~" / The parade to FuyalLup oegins ~ i~ n rni.~s' 10narv to eralt~razll weeks' nab s nn ~O~NleF)',~-nf So attic wer o tl~ n per. Lxceltent C01]O1Hon. iacorn~. ' ~ te b,~r ~a when Western l~,o,~n borne on a sev . . on Sunday. !.No. I~*')I~ (~I~ 7"~W-?' ~" ~"~' e "~ 'ne furlough She left Monoay ~or1 ]~'r and Mrs W F Peterson C21 t1~I$~I)15 wasnmgton ~mr op ns ~s m " "- "~ " and the return " ~ % " " 1 i e ' ~,~y "~ .~, --,*+~" ~,a~;'~"~ ~a ,~"""ae. !~an, . ~rancmco. . arm son anu wlxe, Mr ann J.viYs ~: ,I /trm to Brazil Wendell S Peterson of Everett ' VI:D~D,vil]~ ~ct~ from throu~'hout the ' I ~" . A-C HD16. Cable St. Dozer, Carco nV Ih,|~|% I "~" I Overnight guests at me nomel spent Sunday with Mr Leon . world in its twice.daffy grand- n' n Monda'" were Mr =; --- G Winch Top Runnmg Gear As stand shows This is the six- oI t)le don so .y :tL~urocner o~ r-auJsoo. ~v,r. ~Jur- ' " ~a a~,~,h,~,- ,~ T~,~,qms !and Mrs. George Davidson ana loeher is a retired poultry sales-iNew. CERTIFIED BUY. Mr. Ver- v'~ ~ n r I~L'Z:Y ~u~r'~o.~"~the''~slac~idaughters Barbara, Gini ano jan-lman and making his home in non 1201 O~k /E rAIl ),~.a,~-*,~'*~;m~"cMldren ~ol !et of Spokane. The Dav ids nslPaulsbo. He is an old time resi-iNo. 219 ~D~dJ.~z~P~l$ .~ "i e to the DLymplc +~,~;~. ~*h~.'~ a,-* With a were enrout .[dent of Cedarvale Loop. [ . " ! Peninsula" and the Oregon ~oas~ c /umeycle and ]ugghng perform-. ; ~ ,~f~ina [ ~ ~ ~ ~v~t~r,e~ !D7, 3T Series. Angle Dozer, Hy- ance Other stars of thegrand ~o MONROE evenm to v,s~t A TS }ster DTN Wmch Grds, Top Port stand .shows.include. th e Wallen.- C1~nt~2ngthets were grs. Carol B(~RDDiMstEr~it Executive Board Angeles ~ Q,~'~ aas nign-wtre arusts; x-~appy . ' Turk and thzs reporter. Iof the W.S.C.S. of the PugetlNo 229 OU~O~ Kellems, the clown and Ella Car- Bo (1 ac " ~ ~ ver, the dxvmg grandmother, coMmmpaan3 bM;SMRr.alPnhd MYr~oAenr S~Uncdh ~strlet ~fethemMeethoMd~Sst. INT TD9 Hyd Dozer, Careo )T. 3- 7 s PS drew Johnson and sons g [Thomas Tergeson last week " [ Arl~a~ton Priating ~omlmny I and Gordon, Marysville, all d rovelThis is a olanning eornmittee oflWinch, Grds Top. Cheek It. Mt. o attena me t S - ~, a~ to Seattle Saturday t n he W ~.S. Plans were made forlVernon {~,l ~/~'/~ 1 I l~,n~ nroduction of "My Fmrltheir next s~minar at Sequim No 220 @~1:~ ) ~. !, I "ad " Tuesday Sept. 22 and Burhngton ~:]~: I I1~ 'ill h I~ P h |[ ~,nn,crest Grange will hold Wed Sept 30th r)a WV ~,orio~ I-Tvd Y)nTor and I KUiitlLK ! : its regular meeting Frxday even-(. Mrs. R. D. Tomkms of Langley : ing August 28 at East bunny- I]s president of the board. Twelve tryster -wmen w~m ~mKy rnten. 1 side time is 8:151of the 14 members were ~Q ~N(~ I: Hall. Starting present. I Tacoma p m ~ No. 227 tPO~ $U~ I dill ~ lily h ~l [I " " - f Miss Ell ~h Scbool ~,raduate Miss Nu- Th?/rl g Y mes/I ~i lii~;I:!!!!!-!!!!:r;3a'~;l~0 ~ /East Sunnys~de A Lake Stevens lage2g~dcUl!!~M!ngSea:rACnn~!~ l{!~ GOo#DE~ELfAC~ONEOF ented musician, he has avpeared/ ' on TV, leading hotels, TheatreI ,and the Philharmonic Auditor-h t.~aTr.~ii"' I AT~ ium He is editor of the ~raniant s~ us rv~ ~r~ newspaper. The couple will be *N~,~AJEDEQUIP~ENT.' married Sept. 12 in Hollywood, i "Ep, W~U~S0E~E~t~VV~ and will have a delayed honey-I w~ moon in Europe after his grad-I uation. The Evergreen State Fair is a showplace for our achieve- ment in agriculture, commerce and industry. Young ,people, as well as adults, take part in this annual event. Inspect the out- standing exhibits planned by youth -- 4-H, Future Farmers of America and other groups. This is your Fair and Rodeo. Plan to attend. Seo the PUD booth Mrs. Buyer and Mr. Seller Get a Break Through the Want Ads 5 Per Word Minimum charge 85c The Arlington Times and Shopper pHONE 493 ~RLINGTON, WASH, Board of Commissioners THOMAS QUAST, Pres.-PERRY M. BLACK, Vice Pres.-WILLIAM B BERRY, ~