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August 27, 1959     Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers
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August 27, 1959

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THE ARLINOTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS AUG. 27, 1959. " PAGE I . THRILLS, CHILLS " TO REIGN OVER EVERGREEN FAIR SkatingRink "~T (Continued from Page 1) o~f.()nIN ews ~ By ACE COMSTOCK ToOpen Friday ,hetried topull out. He attributed Phone HE 6-2371 i Darrington's new skatin~ rink his good fortune in escaping officially opens Friday at 7 p.m. death or serious injury to the i but it will have been given a tact hat he was strapped in with I good workout by.youngsters who straps over the shoulders. Helicopter Used Raise In Dam /Foothall Turnout F avre bnenv~ea:S~ol~n~doaY!:?:~l= G~ Pa:de rfs2eofttht' AMrla:~:: All Darrin ton High School I wally u,L / g :~: new ri~k and his family have Aircraft, Inc was keeping up a Causes Water Odors ~boySfootballWhOhaWant to turn out for ::: :,' . . " the fl" To Plant Fish ve been asked to re- ::~ moved out to the Bennett farm, running comment on ymg. Histor was made in Darting-i . L. C. Freese, owner of the ~)ar-!port to the high school Saturday [ [iii!ii!][iiiii [iiii:::~] where the rink .m located and.and impressing the crowd wxth ,~,~ tm~ .v ~ when some 40000. .g :. ^.morning for equipment ~ ::~:,::~;~:::.:::::: . Ithe inexperience of the man m Y I rm ton water company, hasI will have the rink openevery - ~ e~k . ' 'solved one promem outm mci or Jonessaid that nlgnr unl:ll iurmer noHce. } cutthroat fry were planted in the ri htl Coach ge ge ~i:~::~ ~ ~ ~ ::~ ~ ~ - the plane, and seemed to expres~ hi h lakes with the use of a hal- ~ . all. lettermen who sh P ~ ~,~s~:,~:~:~:~:~:~:~,~,:;:s : ::~:~ :,: : :z:~:: ~:z:; ~ ianxlety as the stunter was roll- process thereof has landed g . ow u Sat- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::: :~:~ :~:~: Skates are available for thoseI . g,the middle of dozens of custo-I,~, mar,in= mr ~mfinm~nt :~:~=~ ;:: ~:~:~ : ~ ~ ~:~: ~ ~who do not have their own and icopter '-~'~+o a-din ~ :"X:~"'--~, -'=- -~-.-.-: :" ~ i ~,~o~,~,~,t~ will be served onling in toward tne ilela, he, m~e ~,~,~ w~or =ame warden m~ y~ :p :~o s . ". i Cohen ~eorge ~ones said ~nat |~ I~,~'~'~':.~'" Ithe crowd appeared, for a minute s "~"~"la as U-~'"~2'~ar a~ ,~2.~ ~,~,~' ~+his This time me. ~arrmgtOnve re'sl-lallme lettermen who show up ~at- :::::::::::::::::::::::::: : : :::: lt"~ ~=~,~ ~o~,~ i=h~Ito be unable to believe that the a ' dents are up In arms o r urda will have first choice of i]iiii::i!:::il]::i!iiii:.i!!i? :i:: : ; ~ ~ -, ~.v ~ - b.--j,~]o,~ ho,q ~otn~llv orn~h~i " week spro]ect marked^the ^fir~ condition of the water, which ist~equiYment and after that it will iiiiii~i![i]i::i[[i::i:i]i! : [ ~]~ ]dances may ~e planned. [~io"weve~.'s~oon~re~ov~redand--~ time. cnop pers nave oeen u~cu,well nigh undrinkable because orlbe first come, first served,~i::iii:iii:ii:: : ~]~~tl I~-~, ne~'~ ~" ~ ~ ~. [daredti~eambulance to the the odo The boys have asked to ear ,:~ I artment m " " the I . . ::::::, Robert Lee Rockwell of Oregon scene. The fire dep ounaThe fiSh,wereWeIghlng 400.~anteu m to .^~.~uu, Freeze, armed with a letter iwork clothing and will.spend theI ::~ii,had a rude awakening Friday onltruck* No. 3 took off at the i~a- P,P irom tne nealtn department ~balance of the day after eneeK- ~::~}:~}i~::~::~i:::~?::::i~:;:::::%i:i::i:}:::i:i:i::~:i~ ::{t [] I.u n ;--.~* ~. A.1;~.~.+ ~ hlah let-o~f nf th*a ornsh widelyseparated spots as baa,~Je pointed out this week that the[ing out equipment, in preparing[ Ni~:.iiiiiiiiiililiiiiyi!i!i!i[ii!il;:i[ii~i:i:iiii~ ~| tw~ay w~l~en'Ne"f~l'as~eep at ~l~e] Miller'is~29-years of age and ii~in ~~;;~~il ~i~ ~ii i~~~~~e rigrs~~il ii "~ii I " II' i ~ii~i ' ~i ~~:i hd~ !{s t t~ 'car anot~{er cobsen. - - whichwastheeause fnumer us]Hed' eSknl~Tth?tR g~tSof de' ~~ii ::i~? then traveled 60 Olympia, Aug. 24.--A la~- h fish wnlcn were reared at summer quarteroac , T e " " comulaints last I . . ", ~~ii!; ;~ !i ffeet or so andcame to rest.minute report from Yakima shows - ~tion Ro er has oeen given order :~:::'~:~:~:~:~:~:~ :~ *;: I Qmlcene and held at the g,~o ,~ Darrinaton water us- .- ~g I ~~i ~ ::? against a bank tthat recent cold nights are caus- ton hatchery prior to plantmg, ier: WeVyr~f whom~are now haul-Iby me aocmr.m Iay o.~.sports forI ~ ::::iil ; Rockwell a member of asur-ling some movement of mourn- were trans orted to the Suiattle ' a year and ms ioss Will oe sorely i~i~ ~:~, ~ ' " " " in P In their drmkin water from ~ i ,vey crew working in this area, I g doves out of the area. horse pasture via zruck. There urger sources, feegthat the cureifelt~ne~ said the s-'uad has some ~,Iwas issued a negligent drivingI An excellent dove populatic~ the were transrerreo ~o cans zo o ~ ~l !:i:,i !,~: :,~:~::: Y { h boen worse than the { ~~~ II,/ticket. {remains, according to Dist. ~- their copter ride. The helicopter,~'~s~ase."" ~ {new equipment this year, lnema-{ ~~,| { o {nervisor Run Andrews, but if the landed near the lakes and the . . ,ing new game jerseys ann new, ~~I,| ~TAKING MOVIES OF ~+,~+~ Hnues the best "' - lanted b-- hand I Freese said this week that --arkas,~~I [] ~ HIGH COUNTRY ? X"~- nsn were p Y " ~there IS httle" he can do about ~' " n " " [] ~ ' l nunting will oenmteIy De ~. Planting fish via plane is anithe odor now but that it shouldi He also~nnounced that seaso I QUEEN JUDY COCHRAN Movies of the high country early September ~dntS.t wrhYict hthetwg:~eandsep~rty Cloe.a~e~Poi~ t~a?ht~let ~iea~i~ 2:'l~cketg'oatnthse~eb~ kSda/hr2~ Queeh Judy Cochran of the all true dignity on Saturday, ~eanrtImagweeLaky arerbwei~htah ~ '~: - ,=,~ f,~r that nurnose In that!P . "iasked that local residents pur-~. ~o w~ w,~lo,mo~ Sunday and Monday. . includes a number of Darringtonl a ~ p,~.~in~ ~.amnmm~ me~th*od the fis~h a're dumned outPartment has commended hIm, l~chase one if they possibly can. l~.~=~s'~.~, . . ":7"~'2, - The fair is happy 'to announce and Arlinffton residents, l ~'--~'u'~-~.:-~ ~ over the lake from several hun- via letter, ~or the wor~ aone.onj A football clinic, for parents al~ to me opening o~ ~ne ~xtn that the scholarship made pus- Among "those who left Mon- -------------o :Wmd~b~/!~!:e~thet~Optmerrm~theO~s ~h~:r!!iii~i;~e~i~ if~t~ae;~:Yewrin~:~:hai!:a:~:(e~e:~h~gh ii~3~jnYu~Str~wrii~g::~unnSt~:~th: !~lf:o!~;:~eghtr~it ~!~thbF:dh!!: iaYk? i; :: pE ii iGt seer Darmgton aassi,ed can . i " i el not unhealth because, " Q Y " " - " " Y . . "~WANTED---Women for afternoon "Some of the lakes we planted,deftn t y Y " I o------------ !at Sacred Heart School of nurs- The entire fair board.wishes eroy, Katherine Vevlg and Dutch] ~. ,~ ~. c-on ~,~h u,~=h,nd this week couldn't have been or it. Ilk[ ~' 1 :ing in Spokane for the Thursday Queen Judy a happy.relgn ror Tollenaar of Darrington and ~'~*l,~h,~'~,~'~5,7~," ---------o ~,on-,ommeraa, opening, but will be present to the 1959 fair. in aaaiuon meYiHubert Wilson of the Forest Ser- "'~" "" " plantedwalkerbYalsoPlane,"notedhe declared.that ther.~eI -- I greet the many visitors late Fri- wish her every future successlvice office in Bellingham. ~n~ ~T.~" ,~ "r~,~,~ f~ m,M~ was a verY. small percentage . ~ Claude Tatham Home Trees S rayed day evening She will reign with with her chosen career The gang was to- comeout 5KW ':"~light"" -iant.p "-~as"'li'neg . fatahtms among the fragilei Claude Tatham, Darrmgtonl P d,Wednesday. ^ powered on two-~ heel tr~ [1- " we k a wood ton at ~ a.m. on 1 ]e i rsl, mr .- ,oung f2y. lo er mlssm for two e s t Scrub h rd treeson I o er Good condition. Call HE 6- ' The ame warden took several haggbeen foung and is home at'some 290 acres of National For- and fifth Sundays, and at 9 a.m. School D stnct :600 GOAT PERMITS ISSUED 26})4 or HE 6 2574 o :o~enin~ but will be present to b] greet th} ma ty v .it( s late t :i- t~ day eve) ing. She i1: reign w th a: i~ ---- :--~ird ~ powered on two-wheel trail- 'ton, at ~ a.m. on me,0 and fifth Sunday~, a, clat2 hum. Vl ~.~})2 d ~o~ t2~." Call ~E 6- ' des durra the ro act in to re n a hn arm ill on the second and fo ~ copter ri ~ " g P J Mount Vernon, accord g -lest land bega " g " g " "'-a s " n ! i Olympia Aug. 24-=Permi.ts -- and was highly pleasedwith ports [ness this week when Chem-Air u y : rersonne] !have been sent out to bob wagl~-iROOMS FOR RENTI$2.bO aai y them ~ .-~ ~-~-~-+' Olaude's con ~Corporation finished spraying l~ i' 'ington hunters for the Sept. 12-, $10 week $25 per month. In-. ~, ",11 ll.U 11 1 1 ~-t 1~1 1 I.~ll %~. - . . It was a beautiful day, he lt~,~,~ ie nr~t hrnnwn loenllv How,[t~hem v2ith a solution which ln-I,:vnn~,olisti, service~ [ Annmln 27 mountain goat season and all: quire at Pioneer Hotel. declared, "and I really enjoyed eve~."rumor has"i'{ "(ha-t--he ~a~ eluded deisel oil, 245T and 24D.I We~nesdav--r'rayel service. I tsuccessful applicants should now v~ v~-eer~, e ~,~ ~, ,~v- mvself. !sick' and in a Spokane hospitall Purpose of the spraying, whichI Thursday-L-~ 10:30, Women's Mis. ! Continued from Page 1) [have received notification ~r,p ,y22W. ~;: ~. -~ ]n addition to the fish planted durin= the search for him ~took place in both the Darring-[donarv Band Sewing Circle. t la M. Clouda, Eva Frissell, Mel-I Public drawing for the19591 nom.e, near w nl~,e norse- ~-~ . ~. ~, ~arrIng ~ep~emoer mrs mm by 'copter in the high lakes "J a -'ton and Suiattle districts, is toI Fr|day---7"30, Young Peoples[vin Gibson, Luther G. Hatling,[permitswas held Aug. 13 in We-, :. ." " lanted ocal relatives oi the tatn mu 1 hie Davis, ~ 6, ~rllng~olla another 10 000 are to be p I -,- kill the non-commercial hard- meeting, " Marvin Hendrickson Natalie Mc-lnatchee Two thousand e'ghtl " '. sa the know no more than . o" ' / ,~ this week m the upper reaches ~Y. Y - wood trees and thus give the fir/ /Govern Joseph E Monty, Lucllethundred sixtypersons sent m ~.~ ~,^ ~ illa anyone elba concerolng the lo- ~ ' " " " " this ear's hunt ' ~ell with ~Hneb ~t~z~ ~-~,~ of the north fork of the St ~.~ ~ ~ n,~ N~land hemlock a chance to grow. ~ ~Reade, Battle Thomas lappllcatIons fory ,L guamish = "'~- ~2~- " ". :" I The spraying took place atI Custodian--Erik Christensen. [the game Department epo t . ! ~ ~ ~,~ e ,~ ~,~,r. ~ ,to Mount Vernon thu~ far have 00 ndav chool *'~" ~ These fish will be planted elevations where alder, maplel Sunday--10:,Su . S [Oso Elementary School I~1 ";~,'~ -, above the areas which have mi-lgone unanswered. . and other hardwood trees grow[U:00, Morning Worship. 7:30/ Teachers -- Viola Anderson, suggeste.a ah0-50 sprit with thel,:ra~ ~'~r~son: ~ar~ort~a~(~we~ ratory fish and we expect them l It was reported in last wee g. S'onl a few inches in diameter, a.m. [Mary Gates t Sta~e, wlm. L~Oym to. assume .me~.v~.f^,~: +*,~ ~ grdo real well " Walker said !paper that employees ot me AltYou h the grewth is small it Custodial and Lunchroom ---/cost or seulng me aas anct.prmr- tu x,;.~ ~,~=~ o vT k .;.- .-~- ' " g ' ~ -- "" m ,end Ior what turned out to ~e a Walker also noted that the de-:Mountain Loop Logging Corn- is large enough to kill out the ,~+,~ I Eugene W. Orton. ling and mstalhng, them. Me -;+~.~ .~.~,+o lt~r~tr ~nd ~ r~*n| partment has made some more puny, Claude's outfit, had been conifers or seriously hamper!C~lvar~/ Pente~= . iTrufton Elementary School ]bars of the T~A alrecteu a iur ~21~-" paid their back wages. Apparent: !their growth, l1lbanaay~rrc~:~rv~unaay ~cnooI t Teachers--June T. Mills, Maye!ther study to comparethe poten-Iso~ngl~ree men camped at Goat FISItING WITHOUT LIC/:;I~ ,lv that report was in error ann. The snravin~ with the chemi-[ :uu, t:nur . " I E. Swanson. [tim return to the State wlm COMMON VIOLATIOI~ ~the men are still awaiting their'ca1 solu~'ionvi~ helicopter is thel Sunday Evenmg~{:au, t:nurcnI Custodian--Wm Voreis. [that received by municipal busi.r.iats ~aturaay ant= no,eu .u~ Olympia, Aug. 24 -- Fishing money. It was reported, however, first time such a method has]Service. .I Lunchroom--Nancy Seastrom. I lines which use similar car "card,there all aay.oecause o~ t nera~n . without a valid license has been that this situation is expected to beeh used locally Tuesday -- 7:30, Prayer ane Silvan~ Opporttutity School l advertising. The TBA wants theibunflaY, wmcn . aawneu ~tr, one of the most common law be cleared up ~n a few days. "~" Bible Study [ Teachers ~ Arthur Mailloux, revenue but none of the mem- saw mere cnm~ m ~ne ~op o I .tne violations !at.ely according:o re-i 0 [VICAR CALLED AWAY [ Wed n, esday--- 3:30, Childrens[Ella A. Snyder, Edith Wisdom. Ibers are familiar with advertiS-]a~:ntal2c~Un~ ntihYg:gy~h~nu~ ports ot wasmngton ~.a P - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC I The new civar of the Episcopal!m~.e bUG. t Custodian and Lunchroom -- ins procedures ! ~ i" andSthe view was ob~- tee:ors. . WRITING TEAM HERE 'Church of the Transfigurationl .~inursaay -- ~:~o, xoung reG. IEllen Erickson. State highway officials arel~ , . If using acou.nty license tne A National Geographic feature in Darrington has been calledtrues ~ervlce. ]School Garage " greatly relieved that an appar-i~,~.'~u' ~, checked the lookout risnerme.n snomct ~e certain m writing team visiteo t)arrington to attend a Student Traineel-- / Mechanics -- Frank J. Yost, ent compromise is i.n signt .~YI~.';'~-":~{~'~, ~ ~a arid boundaries. ~last week and toured some of the Camp of the Missionary District[Assembly of Cod ~Clarence Fulls. which Congress will .provldei~,~"- '~'~'~' ~,~"s~ane" local logging shows i of Nevada near his former par- SundayI10:00.Sunday School! Bus Drivers---George Blincoe funds to keep the interstateI ~" " lqow Christian Science Heals Ted Parks, writer and Kath- ish Durin~ his absence serviceslll:00, Morning Worship. 6:00 Noel '13. Eberhard, Gene Eckberg: highway program going. Their ~--- -- lean Revis, photographer, were wil'l be co~nducted next' Sunday, / Choir. 7:00, Junior Choir. 7:301Clarence Fulfs, Clifford Fulfs, optimism is based on reports l Trusting Our Ulluaren taken to the local logging shows August 30th by the Archdeacon/Evening service, jRay Groendyke Homer Thorsen, that the House "Ways and Means r~D U ]~ ~]g~'[[" to God's Care" by Forest Service officials. How- of the Diocese of Olympia, the Tuesday~7 30, Bible study and Alf Schulberg Charles N Smith Committee has voted to increase l IY][~o 1 |o 1". ~ r-a~l ever, fog and rainy weather Van Walter W. McNeil, Jr. who prayer, ted. J. Swanson Louis "Stang~ the federal gasoline tax one[ KAYO Seattle (1150 kc ) Sun- hamperedthe picturetaking will come from his cottage at Thursday~7:3o, C. A. Young[land; Thomas Williams Edwin cent effective Sept. 1. W A. Optometrist day, August 30, 7:15 a.m. somewhat . . the Stillaguamish Country Club, Peoples Service J. Verner, J. Frank Yost.' Bugge, State highway director, The feature writing team has where he is vacationing with "--- KRKO. Everett (1380 kc.) Sun- day, August 30, 8:15 a.m. (Note change in time and stations) KBRC, Mt. Vernon (1430 kc.) Sunday, August 30, 9:15 a.m. spent several months on the his family Fr. McNeil will also Cascade range both with the For- conduct the usual Sunday ser- est Service and With members of vices at Nehalem and Concrete, the Sierra Club on that Sunday. Services last They were to travel to Hood Sunday were conducted by lay A Television series for everyone: Forest after leaving Darrington. reader Harry Van Arnam Station KTNT, Channel 11, " " ' v The next meeting of St Ann's pheasant plants in this area ha " Sundays, 1:00 p.m. ~,= nlo,~t,~n "m mall'b~ds Guild will be held in the parish "':~'Y'"':~::" ~ ore"at house on Thursday evening Sept Subject of Television program at bweae rieaven Du m . ' ' 3rd This will be another work August 30: Bennettvllle and 50 more at Oso. - ~,-,~- " ~' n b ~ 11 party, rne memoers piannIng on ,e oi the you g lras DIVINE GUIDANCE IN x.~u~ ,~,~ ~, ,-~an~=~ i- laying carpeting in the two Sun- DAILY AFFAIRS ,"'~." .~' ~'~ "" day School rooms in the new ad- some- areas arouno Arlington. i :+: + ~ ~ ~, - dltlUll I.~ t I l '~::; ~.~A lUt~--I &. DR. R. G. BffAMAN, Optometrist IOHN ]ENSEN ~0 COMPLETE VISUAL CARE BUILD HOMES John Jansen of Arlington has ARLINGTON MARYSVILLE won the contract to build two Tuesday Friday Monday-Wednesday-Thursday Phone new Forest Service houses and a ten man bunkhouse at the Phone 3131 Olive 9.1446 Darrington Ranger Station Exact figures on the bid have 4 not yet been received locally ,from Bellingham and informa- ,tion as to when building is to ,be begin has not yet been re- Hey H ~,calved. ,Darrington Hardware and Sup ,| [.ly was one of the unsuccessful ,bidders. ,Jansen was the builder for the ,homes presently occupied by ,Rags Ragland and James Mar- l ritt. o Hey Kids: I Darrington C ches Be right in style with School Supplies I,Mt. View Baptist Church |1 Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morn- from J & A. See our new Lunch Boxes. l iing worship at 11. Training Un- ,ion 7:00. Preaching 8:00 p. m. |lTuesday Women's Missions SOC. ,10:00. Wednesday prayer and Bi- ,ble study. The Rev. W. M. Breed- Hey Morn:,love, pastor. Episcol~l Church Sunday school 9:15 a. m. Fam- There's a new supply of Ladies' & Girls' Service with Holy Commun- Blouses waiting for you ONLY 98c on 9:3o a. m. Hey Dad: J & A is easier on your pocketbook. Try it and see. -'irst B~ptist Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning worshlp at 11. ' Sr. and Jr. Young people Sun- lay6:3o p. m. Evening service 7:30 Wednesday prayer fellowship p.m. Choir Thursday: 7,:30 p. m. J and A Shop Darrington, Wash. ~Ie~hodlst Church Sunday--9:45, Sunday School. 1:00. Church services. 7:00, Math. ,dist Youth Fellowship. T~m~dav--Jlln|or Choir. ~t. View B~ptist Church qunday--10:00, Sunday school. 1:00. Morning services. SL John M. Vi~mneyo C~tholic Church, Darrington Mass will be held in St. John Mary Vianney Church, Darring- Washington Newspaper Publishers Association has arranged '~- ~n Olynmia report to be comp".led each week by a reporter ~t Olympia, for weekly newspaper members of the Association. Olympia--A fourth study of l north road district members of the feasibility of financing and the board of King County Com. constructing a highway tunnel missioners. at Naches Pass. connecting Pu- * * * get Sound and the Columbia Ba- With new taxes rolling mar- sin by means of an all-weather rily in as result of action taken route is scheduled to get under by the 1959 legislature, it up- way shortly after Sept. 15. Six pears to some critical observers national engineering firms and here that the State's officials associates have been invited to are stimulated to find new ways submit proposals on such a sur- of spending it. They point to vey by that date. Meeting to pick the latest project announced by one of them and get the survey lGovernor Rosellini who has going will be the State Toll asked for study of the feasibility. Bridge Authority, the le~isla-l of installing a flood lighting sys-' ture's interim Joint Fact-Find-tern which' would bathe the i ins Committee on Highways, I buildings ~f the State capitol Streets and Bridges, and the]group in light. It is advocated as State Highway Commission. l a tourist lure to draw visitors Previous studies have consid-t into the capital city. Coupled ered only engineering factors/ with it would be a plan to pipe and ,toll financing. The study/or~an music "from the capitol comihg up will take into consid-rotunda to the cupola of impos- eration all economic advantages ing capital dome and by means to the region served, the subsi- of amplifiers broadcast the mu- dy needed above toll revenues, sic to Olympia and the country. and means by which political side. Study of the costs of flood- subdivisions such as cities and lighting has been entrusted to counties benefited could join in Earl Cue, State conservation di- the financing needed. Latest esti- rector. Covernor Rosellini said mates of construction costs have that if the cost seems feasible placed the amount needed at a contract will be negotiated for about 33 million dollars installation . Ernest Ketchum, chairman of * * * tate Hi hwa Commission, One toll ld e h the S "g Y " " hr" g t at goes right disclosed here this week that he along making money is the Ta-. is in contact with four substan- coma Narrows Bridge. Another' tial business groups which are $550,000 in bonds for this bridge interested in constructing a new ferry terminal for the State ir~ Seattle, and providing the nec- essary development for a water- front attraction which would be ready for opening of the Cen- tury 21 Exposition in 1961. $ .* * Governor Rosellini has not given up his plan to build a sec- ond Lake Washington bridge be- tween Montlake in Seattle and Evergreen Point. He disclosed this week that he has three large Eastern financial institutions working on a possible feasible plan to market 30 million dol- lars in bonds for the bridge. Also encouraging him was an opinion issued a few days a~o bv Attor- ney General John J. O'Connell .that it would be constitutional for King County to pledge road ~ funds to subsidize the bond issue with a guarantee An offer to t, se road funds was made to the Governor by Scott Wallace will be retired Sept. 1, reducing the outstanding indebtedness a~ainst the structure to $7,560,- 000. The span was financed'by a 14 million dollar bond issue Forest fire losses during the first half of August totaled only 91 acres compared with more than 5,000 acres in the same pe- riod last year, said the State De- n~rtr,ent of Natural Resources. The damage was caused by 134 fires, most of them on the west side of the Cascade mountains Car card advertising on State ferries is still under considera- tion by the State Toll Bridge Au- thority. Bert M. Doyle of Seattle has proposed a three year test on the Entiat and Willapa, two ferries on the Bremerton run. He said that 1C0 cards renting for $50 a "month for both ferries would produce a potential gross revenue of $60,000 a year. Doyle ~aid that if the increase is voted by Congress he is informed that it would provide about $1,800,- 000 for apportionment to the various states next year, about $700,01)0,00 less than was con- templated when the federal in- terstate program was set up last year. Diversion of federal excise raves on automobiles and acces- sories to the fund might make up the gap. The interstate pro- gram is financed on the basis of 90 per cent of the cost being met from federal funds. Will Be Open Every Wednesday Starting SepL 2, (rt Darrington Hospital 10 cam. ~x~ 4:30 p.m. FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL HE 6-3352 DARRINGTON Now You Can To Your Heart's Content Frid, 7 p.m. 10:30 p.m. 1 MILE WEST OF TOWN '01d Bennett Farm Adnfission: 35c--You furnish skates. 50c---We furnish skates. WALLY & DEL OVERHOLT, Owners